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If you’re not ready, don’t force yourself.


Don’t force yourself to be with someone you have feelings for just to forget what happen in the past. You’re just not ready for another relationship. You need time to recover, time for your heart to be put back together. When the time comes, you’ll be ready for a relationship. Just don’t force yourself.

My favorite types of hugs.

  • Tight hugs: The ones where they just hug you super tight for a long time with no words.
  • Unexpected hugs: The ones where you’re just doing your own thing and they come from behind and hug you unexpectedly.
  • Lift up hugs: The ones where you run up to them, and they have their arms all wide, and you just run up and you lift up your legs and they carry you.
  • Spinning hugs: The ones where they hug you & spin you around in circles.

(Source: staypositive.me)